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FDS Book 4 FE2ed
Book 4
FASHION ENTREPRENEUR - Starting Your Own Fashion Business 2ed
by Sandra Burke

Fashion Entrepreneur, now in its 2nd EDITION, is essential reading for those planning to set up and run a successful business within the fashion and creative industries.

This book guides the reader through the process of creating a fashion business (including online businesses); spotting and exploiting opportunities, networking to build a personal network of useful contacts, writing a business plan, branding and marketing, and how to manage a business on a day-to-day basis.

The theory is presented as a step-by-step guide, packed with case studies and interviews, inspiring fashion illustrations, diagrams and imagery from established fashion entrepreneurs to enhance the understanding of the subject area.

This book explains:

  • How to become an entrepreneur
  • How to research the market, spot and exploit the opportunities
  • How to finance the business and keep accounts
  • How to write an innovative business plan
  • How to design and manufacture your products, or develop a service
  • How to brand, market, and sell your products

Target Market: 

Fashion Entrepreneur supports fashion and entrepreneurship courses globally; it is also required reading for degree programs and designed as a self-learning book. This book is ideal for aspiring fashion designers, stylists, illustrators, technologists, and those with an interest in fashion that want to set up their own business.

New features include:  

  • New chapter on online business and social media
  • New case studies in each chapter reflecting the current global market
  • New exercises and assignments to test comprehension
  • New and updated visuals.
Table of Contents:
The chapters have been set out in a logical learning sequence to guide the student through small business management skills, together with self-explanatory worked examples and case studies.
Chapter 1: Fashion Entrepreneurs' Runway to success
Chapter 2: Opportunities in the Fashion and Creative Industries
Chapter 3: Fashion Entrepreneurs' Traits
Chapter 4: Networking
Chapter 5: Competitive Advantage
Chapter 6: Business Plans
Chapter 7: Starting Your Own Business
Chapter 8: Market Research
Chapter 9: Marketing and Branding
Chapter 10: Sales and Negotiation
Chapter 11: Design and Production Cycle
Chapter 12: Sources of Finance
Chapter 13: Small Business Accounts
Chapter 14: Project Management Skills
Chapter 15: Online Fashion Business and Social Media
Case Studies, Appendices, Glossary, Internet Resources, Further Reading, Index
Support Material: Lecturers’ Support Resources are available in the form of PowerPoint Slides and an Instructor Chapter Guide. Please click  HERE or go to the INSTRUCTOR COPY  page to complete the request form.

Author's note:

During my lecture tours to universities around the world, I am constantly impressed by the number of students I meet who are bursting with innovative ideas and creative designs, and eager to start their own fashion businesses. But, the questions are, 'Can they translate these innovative ideas and creative designs into marketable products or services?' and, further, 'How can they sell their products or services?'

To bridge the gap between design fantasy and commercial reality, they need entrepreneurial vision to identify opportunities and small business management skills to develop, plan and control their businesses.

It is encouraging to see that there are an increasing number of fashion schools and universities offering modules and papers in fashion entrepreneurship, which outline the basic business skills - how to produce a business plan and how to start a business.

Fashion Entrepreneur - Starting Your Own Fashion Business supports these courses with the theory and practical application of fashion enterprise and small business management, together with case studies of successful fashion entrepreneurs. As a text book and self-learning guide, this book progressively takes you through the key steps required to start and develop your own business, from starting a new label and creating a collection, starting a retail business or fashion service, including online fashion businesses.
The fashion and creative industries are challenging and competitive, so it is essential to be well equipped with a 'portfolio of entrepreneurial skills'. I hope this book will inspre you to develop your creative and innovative talents into marketable products, to develop a successful business and direct you on the 'fast track' to riches. You will need to be totally dedicated, believe in your own judgement, and have a great deal of chutzpah!
I wish you every success in the incredible world of fashion.
Sandra Burke
(Master of Design, Royal College of Art)