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FDS Book 2 FA3ed
Book 2
FASHION ARTIST - Drawing Techniques to Portfolio Presentation 3rd Ed
by Sandra Burke

This book, now in its third edition, takes you through the fashion and drawing and design process, introducing you to the essential fashion drawing and fashion illustration techniques and skills to help you create striking fashion designs, fashion illustrations, flats, fashion presentations and your fashion portfolio.

Fashion Artist is presented as a simple step-by-step guide to fashion drawing. It is packed with self-explanatory fashion sketching exercises, inspiring illustrations, designs and photos from international fashion designers and illustrators, to enhance and visually explain the accepted fashion industry creative process.

Target Market: Fashion Artist supports courses globally; it is designed as a self-learning book and is also required reading for degree programs. It is an invaluable reference for students and aspiring fashion designers and illustrators, and those who want to enter the world of fashion or simply have an interest in the topic.

Support Material: Lecturers’ Support Resources is available in the form of an Instructor Chapter Guide. Please click HERE or go to the INSTRUCTOR COPY page to complete the request form.

Table of Contents:
The chapters have been set out in a logical learning sequence to guide the student through the fashion drawing, design and presentation techniques, together with self-explanatory worked examples:
Chapter 1: Getting Started
Chapter 2: Art Kit
Chapter 3: Sketch Books
Chapter 4: Oval and Triangle Technique
Chapter 5: Fleshing Out
Chapter 6: Face, Hands, Feet
Chapter 7: Figure Templates
Chapter 8: Drawing from Life
Chapter 9: Clothing Design
Chapter 10: Fabric Rendering
Chapter 11: Fashion Presentations
Chapter 12: Men
Chapter 13: Children
Chapter 14: Fashion Portfolio
Case Studies / Interviews
Glossary, Fashion Resources, Index
Key topics include:
  • Women's, Men's, and Children's Illustrations
  • Nine Heads Fashion Figure Template
  • Fashion Figure Matrix
  • Drawing from Life
  • Flats and Specs
  • Fabric Rendering
  • Fashion Presentations and Fashion Portfolio
New features include:
  • All new and updated Fashion Drawing Exercises
  • All new Fashion Illustrations, Fashion Designs and Fashion Presentations reflecting the current global market
  • 'S' Curve and Scribble Technique

Author's Note:

Fashion Artist - Drawing Techniques to Portfolio Presentation has been designed as a self-teaching book for the novice and those who wish to enhance their fashion drawing and fashion design skills and communicate their design ideas on paper and digitally as part of the fashion design process.

Fashion Artist presents the fundamentals of fashion drawing and fashion design. It progressively guides you through a comprehensive set of fashion drawings and presentation techniques, an integral part of this is the development of several popular fashion poses which become your fashion templates. Starting with very basic and simplistic shapes to create your fashion figue drawings, you will quickly progress along the learning curve to produce visually exciting illustrations and a professional fashion design portfolio - the passport to your career. The text is supported with explanatory drawings and photographs to clearly demonstrate the simple, step-by-step drawing techniques, together with plenty of drawing exercises and examples, and inspiring imagery from designers and illustrators around the world.

In writing this book I have combined my global career in the fashion and manufacturing industry along with my lecturing and educational experience - each discipline supporting the other. The result is a combination of the educational requirements of various levels of fashion courses, from degree, certificate and short courses, together with the practical application of drawing and design techniques used globally in the fashion world.

The fashion industry is a challenging and competitive business, so it is essential to be well equipped with professional drawing skills. The aim of Fashion Artist is to inspire and help you develop your drawing skills, and to be able to communicate your creative and innovative ideas on paper and digitally. To be a successful designer you will need to work hard to develop your talent, believe in your own judgement, and have a certain amount of chutzpah!

I wish you every success in the world of fashion.

Sandra Burke
(Master of Design, Royal College of Art)