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Book 1
FASHION DESIGNER - Concept to Collection
by Sandra Burke

This book is ideal for aspiring fashion designers, stylists and illustrators, including fashion students, educators, and technologists, and those with an interest in fashion.

Fashion Designer will guide you through the fashion design process and the design brief, introducing you to the fundamental design techniques and skills required to create a successful fashion collection or product range.

Target Market: Universities, Fashion Schools, Degree, Certificate and short courses, general readership.

Support Material: Lecturers’ Support Resources include PowerPoint slides, Appendices and Case Studies (ppts). Please click  HERE or go to the INSTRUCTOR COPY  page to complete the request form.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: Fashion and the Design Process
Chapter 2: Design Research and the Fashion Sketchbook
Chapter 3: Fashion History and Culture
Chapter 4: Fashion Forecasting – Trends and Cycles
Chapter 5: Color and Fabric – Theory, Design, Sourcing and Selection
Chapter 6: Silhouettes, Styles, Details - the Language of Fashion
Chapter 7: The Fashion Market and the Customer
Chapter 8: Design Development - Elements and Principles of Design
Chapter 9: Design Presentations - and Fashion Portfolio
Chapter 10: The Design Brief - Designing a Collection
Chapter 11: The Design Studio - Construction, Samples, Prototypes
Chapter 12: The Final Collection - Promotion and Sales
Case Studies / Interviews
Appendices, Glossary, Internet Resources, Further Reading, Index

Back Cover Text:

Fashion DesignerConcept to Collection will guide you through the Fashion Design Process and the Design Brief, introducing you to the essential design techniques and skills required to create a fashion collection or product range. This book will inform and inspire, taking you from the initial fashion concept to realisation. It aims to help you achieve a successful career in the fashion industry and become part of the global and dynamic world of fashion.

Fashion Designer is presented in easy steps, and packed with fashion illustrations, designs and fashion photos, from international designers and illustrators, to visually explain the accepted fashion industry theory and practice.

Key topics include:

  • Design Research and Fashion Sketchbook
  • Fashion Trend Forecasting, History and Culture
  • Color and Fabric Selection
  • Styles, Details, and the Fashion Market
  • Design Development – Concept, Construction, Collection to Runway
  • Fashion Presentation Boards, and Design Portfolio
Fashion Designer is structured in line with fashion courses globally and designed as a self-learning program. It is an invaluable textbook for fashion students and aspiring designers.